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If you want to be a leader, you had better be able to communicate!

Speaking to Lead is designed to give leaders the tools they need to connect authentically and dynamically with the hearts and minds of those they lead.
The outcomes of the program include:

  • Being able to express yourself dynamically that motivate for results
  • Discovering ways to build relationships through speeches and presentations to enhance collaboration and business development
  • Handling tough audiences with confidence and flexibility
  • Integrating personal and company values into leadership 
communication to inspire those you lead


The challenges of leadership today are greater than ever before. History tells us that in times of great turbulence and pressure, in times of complexity and uncertainty, that the great leaders that emerge are great communicators.
We know as leaders that we have to connect with the hearts and minds of our people, we have to paint powerful visions of the future that they can identify with and support. We know that in every moment of communication, we need to reach a high level of connection and authenticity if we are to be effective, to be believed, to be followed with enthusiasm, to make a difference.
As leaders in our organisations, whether business or public service, community or charitable, communicating has become ever more challenging in today’s world where the people we need to reach are overloaded. In this so-called “Age of Information”, leaders need to become storytellers of our futures.
The ability for a leader to move people through communications cannot be underestimated!


Speaking to Lead has been developed by The Speakers Studio, with over two decades of experience in innovative methods in achieving breakthrough results with speakers from all walks of life, in many different types of roles and levels in a diverse range of organisations and speaking contexts.
This is not a program about improving power point presentations! It is quite the opposite – it is about unlocking your own personal style and enabling you to truly perform, rather than just present, in a wide variety of speaking contexts.
The Speakers Studio approach integrates a range of interactive learning methods, including many used by our top performing actors, to unlock your potential. The course is an exciting experience, and you will learn in a trusting and non-threatening environment. Plus, the results are fast – participants note big improvements immediately following the course.
You can also utilise the experience of Speakers Studio for ongoing mentoring, presentation improvement, and other speaking courses.

Speaking to Lead is ideal for:

  • Managers of all levels
  • Senior Executives
  • Supervisors
  • Sales people
  • Trainers/educators
  • Leaders of community and service organisations
  • Professionals – consultants, solicitors, advisers,
  • People in transition to new roles who need to call upon their speaking skills
  • Committee Chairpersons
  • Board members

This experience is for…
… anyone in a leadership position who believes in improving his or her communication skills.
…anyone who has knows the feeling that there’s a lot more untapped depth to their speaking.
The level of past speaking experience is not relevant – it is enough that you know there’s a lot more experience to be had!