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In today’s competitive environment, the stakes are high for presenters who do not have the skills to convince others that their work is worth investing in. And even as an individual, how do you build credibility, trust and rapport?

You need to be able to set yourself apart!

David Griggs has a long track record of helping independent professionals and entrepreneurial clients become successful.

These coaching sessions you will discover how to:

  • Create a positive first impression as the first step in building a strong relationship
  • Capture your audience in the first 60 seconds and hold their attention throughout
  • Become a confident and effective communicator
  • Create the best process to deliver your message
  • How to structure a pitch or presentation that promotes your full potential
  • Crafting the pitch into a cohesive production that differentiates you from the pack

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DG_Chapel_HillPresenting to Win encompasses focused coaching to ensure that the presenters are equipped with valuable skills that will enable them to create a powerful presence in the “blink” of an eye.

Whether you’re preparing for an important interview; pitching a new idea to key stakeholders; pitching a new business to raise capital; putting your valuable research across; designing an elevator pitch; pitching your proposal to current or potential clients; preparing a key note; this coaching is aimed at YOU. You can just present, or you can Present to Win.

  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • Who are you key stakeholders?
  • What really is your message?
  • What is your authentic presentation style?
  • What is the impression/ impact you want to create?

These coaching sessions are delivered personally by David Griggs. They can be organised as individual 1 on 1 sessions, or for teams/ smaller groups.

David Griggs understands the process of creating a winning presentation. He is able to translate the techniques of actors, directors, scriptwriters and production managers into the field of public communication. He has developed a methodology that leads participants to achieve confidence, credibility and style and has successfully used this with a range of corporations and individuals. He is particularly skilled at working with groups of people as they develop a presentation into a cohesive and seamless production where each individual shines and the objectives are achieved.