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David Griggs delivers a range of tailored, in-house workshops for businesses across Australia. We first seek to understand the objectives you are trying to achieve with your presentations, your target audience and the desired results. Based on this, we design customized workshops anywhere from half-day to 3 days in duration.

A few examples of our popular workshop themes are below.

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Delivering presentations and public speaking plays an important part in every area of our personal and professional lives. It’s how other people often judge our effectiveness.

Effective speakers who create a feeling of trust and credibility can draw people to them and influence them in positive ways. To be really effective you need to be confident and persuasive.

The workshop is very interactive. A  “SAFE” environment is created for people to take risks and discover that public speaking and delivering presentations can be enjoyable.

This workshop will help you discover how to:

  • Develop your own natural speaking style
  • Overcome fear and deal with the butterflies
  • Create and deliver content naturally, credibly and effectively
  • Understand learning styles and how people receive information
  • Present without reading it out word for word
  • Project authority and confidence even if you are a little anxious
  • Reduce your self consciousness
  • Structure you speech to keep you on track and hold their attention
  • Choose the most effective method of delivery (Power Point is not compulsory)
  • Use Power point in a more engaging way – join the Power point Revolution
  • Use your voice as tool for engagement – pace, volume and tone
  • How to use props ( products ) as visual and emotional hooks
  • Gain greater self esteem
  • Project your own presence and charisma
  • Create a striking and lasting impression
  • ‘Capture’ your audience from the very start… to the finish.

 “I have worked with several people going by the title corporate presentation trainer, from all over Australia, but I’ve never seen anyone who can ‘switch’ a presenter on the way David does, in a very subtle yet extraordinarily effective way.”

–       Leila Henderson, Corporate  Communications Consultant


Objective: Companies are equipped with valuable skills that will enable them to create a powerful market presence in the “blink” of an eye. The training will also cover some specific advice for each presenter.

Innovative companies are continually faced with the challenge of describing a new concept, business model or technology to various audiences – prospective customers, government grant panels, investors, media, and so on.

Typically these communications encompass everything from the elevator pitch to brochures and media releases to full-blown PowerPoint presentations.

Workshop Outcomes 

Each participant will create, develop and deliver a cohesive elevator pitch, suitable to promote the company’s or product’s value to potential partners, prospective customers and/or investors.

The outcomes include:

  • Making the most of the opportunity to create a positive first impression as the first step in building a strong relationship
  • How to structure a pitch or presentation that promotes each company’s full potential.
  • Crafting the pitch into a cohesive production that differentiates you from the pack.

The workshop combines group sessions where participants benefit from peer feedback with one-on-one sessions to develop high-impact presentations

David Griggs understands the process of creating a winning presentation. He is able to translate the techniques of actors, directors, scriptwriters and production managers into the field of public communication. He has developed a methodology that leads participants to achieve confidence, credibility and style and has successfully used this with a range of corporations and individuals. He is particularly skilled at working with groups of people as they develop a presentation into a cohesive and seamless production where each individual shines and the objectives are achieved.